Welcome to Yurtopia!

Yurtopia = Yurt Utopia! (get it?)

We’re just getting started on the new website, so please forgive the mess. You can contact Yurtopia by calling (503) 847-4080, or via email.

About Yurtopia Yurtopia is a brand new company, and we’re excited to be starting this venture at the upswing of a large and ever expanding movement to greener lifestyles and sustainable, ‘low-impact’ housing. Read more…

Yurtopia Has A Forum! Ahhh, wouldntcha know it, it’s not working just yet, but it will be up and running just as soon as we figure it all out. And what, one might ask, would one be able to do there? Why, chat about YURTS, of course! FAQs, how-to’s and video tutorials, etc. And I’m sure we’ll have some miscellaneous categories as well to make it more of a social thing. Unmoderated, with the exception of the removal of ads. Stay tuned!

Contact Yurtopia(503) 847-4080

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